wii update 3.2 available

You can now update your Wii software to the version 3.2 . No Special features as it will probably improves the system's performance. Just a small update. If you did not do it yet, well this WII update 3.2 for Nintendo Wii is now available (if it is not done automatically, go on screen page #). Few improvements with this online update, your console passes now to version 3.2 When Wii is connected to Internet, you can update it easily. Once connected Wii, a message will indicate to you if you need to update.

Nintendo says:
"Once installed, if a Game Disc is inserted into the Wii console and an update is required, a notification message will be displayed across the Disc Channel alerting you to update your system. If no update is needed, the title of the Game Disc inserted will be displayed."

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