Video game tester

When we are talking about Video game tester, We generally thinks of the press or magazine which tests then delivers an opinion on a video game play. However, before the play is sent to the press, several testers already dissected it in order to tracking bugs or errors. I grant it to you, sometimes I wonders whether these testers make their job well, or even if these testers really exist… With a eagerness which characterizes them, their mission is to flush out the defects of the play, to evaluate its difficulty, to see whether all functions correctly. They are in in touch permanently with the development team, the bugs in the game will be analyzed one by one and normally corrected. I say well normally, because it also happens that he is too late to modify anything. If that poses a enormous problems on consoles, PC games know that they can always count on the patches to rectify the shooting after the release. You will not find specific training to become beta tester. It will simply be necessary to count on your video game player's talents because you will be brought to test any kinds of gameplays and you will have only very little time to make precise reports on your video game's evaluation.

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