Cartoon Network Online Games – designing games of your own!

In the website of Cartoon Network, online games are available for everyone. And they are free. But what excites game lovers most is the game making feature of Cartoon Network. Online games can be made by people like you and me! Or to be specific, kids get to make their own online games there. Feeling curious yet? Here’s how games are created at the website of Cartoon Network.

You have to start by visiting the home page of Cartoon Network. Here’s where you find the special game creators application. Then scroll down. Get to this page’s bottom to select a game. This might be somewhat tough to find all the information or details right away, since it’s at the deepest bottom of this page. However, you will just have to find the "Make Your Own Game" option.

The next step will be launching the game creator to choose your starter and background. But also, you have to choose your heroes here. The starter happens to be a fairly simple setup. It simply maps the entire area. You might also consider building your own maps right from scratch. Talking of backgrounds, it’s nothing but a picture, so has zero effect on your gameplay. It is the heroes (the characters you chose as heroes) who’ll be competing throughout in your custom made game.

When you are done with all that, the next step would be to select your goal. This would decide the object of the game. So the object can be virtually anything. Starting from defeating all of your enemies, finding a couple of items, to simply escaping through a very challenging puzzle – the varieties of the purpose of the game is as expansive as your imagination is!

Then you will have to customize the levels of your game. The system of the game making comes with a level designing interface which lets you to easily rework the entire starter. It also allows you to build your gaming zone right from scratch (you have to use a couple of items as well as devices for adding challenges/depths to the game setting.

Putting the game into a test is the next step. And this one is a very important step. There’s no way you can submit this game for mass play, unless or until you are able to prove that this game is beatable. This step also lets the designer to realize what the overall quality of the game is or how exiting it is.

So be witty with Cartoon Network online games!

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