An Overview of Avatar the Movie – 18 December 2009

Avatar the Movie – 18 December 2009 is an interesting 3-D science heroic fiction film which is written and directed by James Cameron. Century Fox is due to release the movie by the 18th of December, 2009. This is a project by Lightstorm Entertainment which concentrates on a heroic conflict in a distant world known as Pandora. In this world the natives (the Na’vi) and humans fight over the resources and existence of the planet. It is been touted as a massive breakthrough in the technology of filmmaking even before its release because of the 3D viewing and exquisite cameras which were specifically fashioned for the production of the film. Avatar the Movie – 18 December 2009 has been rated PG-13 for its strong heroic fighting warfare and sequences, smoking and language.

With regards to the plot, Jake Sully who is the lead actor and is a war veteran but paraplegic is offered another chance in the military. In the planet known as Pandora, there is an intense battle between armed forces of the world that are fighting with the natives of Pandora (Na’vi) and he is transported there. They are fighting for an important source of energy for earth which is under the Na’vi settlement. A new plan is devised where DNA of the humans are mixed with the DNA fragments of the Na’vi to create a new form called the AVATAR which Jake takes part. AVATAR’s are humans who have concealed themselves as one of the natives. He is thrown into their camp to learn their culture and more especially their weaknesses.

However Jake discovers that the natives are quite innocent of all what the humans have labeled them with. They have been made victims of a brutal war and are on the brink of total extinction because of the forceful nature of the war. Eventually Jake teams up with the Na’vi princess called Neytiri and instead turns the battle on its head by providing them with the important human intelligence. He then leads them in a heroic battle to fight against the intruders.

The release of the movie was originally scheduled for 22nd May, 2009 but had to be pushed back rather to 18th December, 2009. This is to allow for a lot more theaters around the world to install their 3D projectors. It will be released in the format IMAX 3D.

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