Kinect profitable for Microsoft

So what makes Xbox 360 Kinect profitable for Microsoft? To begin with, the Xbox 360 is a product of technology giant, Microsoft. You will be able to enjoy the joys of gaming, browsing and connectivity that other Microsoft users do. The Xbox Kinect, the new console is set to be released in November of 2010.

To begin with, one thing that will make Kinect profitable for Microsoft is the sensor camera that is the backbone of this console. The reason is because you do not need a controller of any kind to enjoy the games. There is a sensor camera, custom processor, high-performing microphone and 3D technology which will allow all your body movements and voice to be recorded on the console’s hard drive.

At present Xbox allows you to play a wide range of games, use the internet to connect with other players and enjoy other Microsoft services. An additional thing that will make Kinect profitable for Microsoft is the fact that you will be able to do video streaming, watch HD television, chat and also use social sites like Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to store data on the in-built 250GB hard drive.

In preparation for the launch, visitors to Chevrolet showrooms will be able to test out one of the Xbox Kinect games known as Joy Ride. This game allows you to race while giving it a realistic spin. This means that Microsoft and Kinect will be able to profit and also give their customers a first look at the power that this new Xbox has thanks to its sensor camera.

Kinect Release date November 4th 2010

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