PS3 Tiger Woods Move Bundle - PGA TOUR 12

In early July this year (2011), Sony announced the release of the PS3 Tiger Woods Move Bundle. This bundle has since then been available at the US stores from the July 11, 2011. The notable thing about the PS3 Tiger Woods Move Bundle is that it effectively combines motion comptroller of the Play Station Move, the Eye of the PlayStation and the thrill that is always prevalent in the EA SPORTS of the PGA TOUR 12 of the Tiger Woods

In commenting about this release, Scott A. Steinberg, Sony’s Vice president of product marketing stated that the Play Station Move was especially designed for the purpose of enabling the experiences that put the players in to the game directly. He stated that the Masters title takes total advantage of immerse and realistic feeling that is provided by the Play Station Move.

Steinberg also stated that Sony is always looking forward to offer better value to all its customers worldwide. He stated that the company was very excited because of its partnership with EA sports for the purpose of delivering this new and comprehensive bundle.

The Play Station Move has since its release redefined the motion gaming with the realistic and immersive motion of gaming experience that is only possible at the system of play Station 3. It features the very popular tournament, the PGA TOUR 12 by Tiger Woods that is popularly known as ‘The Masters’.

The Masters is as a result of the collaboration of the masters Tournament and the Augusta National Golf Club. At the present, the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR of the Play Station Move together with the Masters Bundle bring all the thrill of the Augusta National Golf Club right in to your living room. At the time of release, the Masters Bundle was available for only $99.99.

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