our Planet Earth The state of the environment is a concerning matters throughout the world and everyone should be informed to heighten environmental awareness. That's where Nickelodeon enterprise as a major American Kids Entertainment Network Online Games can be instrumental in a way to heighten awareness of younger people to the threats to planet Earth and Global Warming.

On biggreenhelp from Nickelodeon kids have access to games to learn how to better knowing and respecting their environment. This site is intended to kids who are interested in the nature and the world that surround them. knowing and respecting by using the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Kids will learn while playing and having fun simple and positive ways to help protect Planet Earth on a Daily bases. It's the Big Green Help on Nickelodeon's Online Games website


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This sound interesting I might give it a try for my kids. Planet earth Health is so important for our kids!

Anonymous said... this site is awesome and what a great idea to make our children more aware of the environmental issues

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Anonymous said... big green help well, that a interesting way to heighten awareness of kids to environmental issues. While playing a game kids can learn ways to save their inheritance. The youth of today, will soon inherit this planet Earth. A Blue planet in really bad condition.

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