Disneyxd.com New DisneyXD Channel

Disney XD Channel and disneyxd.com - A new channel and a new website for Walt Disney Co.'s and Disney Online. Disney just announced and launched the new DisneyXD channel that will be a integral part of their TV quality channels proposed by Disney Channel. Disney XD Channel will joint the venture of Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel, Toon Disney Channel, Disney games channel, Disney HD, Disney Movie Channel, etc... The new channel will focus on an boys-targeting audience aged between 6 to 14. Moreover at the same time, they have launched a new website featuring videos, action games and online community features that aim the same audience (the site URL disneyxd.com). www.disneyxd.com will be ad-supported and the most significant thing about Disney XD's launch is its emergence as a competitive third player in the competition between Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

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I just love this new Disney XD Channel!