- Nabisco Mini-golf - Nabisco Mini-golf. Nabisco World’s Mini-Golf has been a major hype among golf game lovers around the world. And its popularity is well deserved, since its designers worked real hard to make it the one of a kind gaming experience. According to critics, this is some of the finest online miniature golf games of all times. It offers a wide range of challenging holes, along with extraordinary hazards (which includes a UFO!).

  • You get to practice on virtually any hole. Be it the front or back 9, or be it about playing all the 18 holes.
  • You can choose to play alone, or as twosome. Interestingly enough, this game also supports threesome and foursome modes.
  • All scores are automatically recorded as well as updated following each hole.

  • Beginners might get a bit disappointed with some of those difficult holes.

  • "Mini-Golf" is available on the site of Nabisco World.
  • Playing is free! Absolutely no registration required.
  • You need Shockwave for playing. The game comes with a "hyperload" feature for faster loading.
  • It supports up to 4 players. Score recording is fully automatic.
  • It features lots of unusual hazards. This includes a UFO sucking up the golf balls.
  • Beginners are able to practice with individual holes. All they do is choose the hole placed on the game’s start page.
  • Players might also practice none the front 9, or none but the back 9.
A broader review on Nabisco World’s Mini-Golf Games

Mini-Golf from Nabisco Games website, is actually a minuscule golf game. It appears, as mentioned earlier, on the website of Nabisco World site, and you get to play it absolutely free of charge. Even registration is not held as a prerequisite.

And trust me! You will not for once feel that this is one of those obsolete online mini-golf games. It's filled with extraordinary hazards (lots of those are based on typical Nabisco products). As for an instance, when you get to the 3rd hole, you’ll see a UFO flying back and forth. If the ball rolls beneath it, you are sunk – as the UFO puts down its light beam, which "sucks" your ball up and into it. You are at your liberty to play alone, or against as many as 3 additional buddies.

Sounds like Nabisco World has a whole lot of fun for mini games lovers and much more! See also Nabisco Sweepstakes section for great prizes contest.

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