Pirates of the Caribbean Online Game - Why this is the best computer game

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Game - To enjoy a computer game, one needs to have a very near to life scenario. There are many forms of computer games, but most cannot sustain an audience because of this inability. This is why Pirates of the Caribbean Online is an all-time favorite for an ardent online game player.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online aka Pirates online or POTCO is very popular because of its complexity. It is able to place you in the mix of a true Pirates’s life. It is simply one of the best of Walt Disney creations. To anyone with experience, it is a greater game than the previous Toontown online.

Since its official launch in Oct 2007, it has kept selling well and is simply one of the online games with the highest subscription. It now has an expanded access to players in UK, United States of America, Canada and Mexico. 

Due to its complexity, it only runs on computers and systems that can run the Panda3D engines that upload the graphics. The fear for those running this software, that is those that can run a 3D, is the security. It may be easily liable to attacks by viruses. This is however assured through the web enhanced security for the POTCO 3D system. 

You may expect that this will attract a very high fee. Both the subscription and the monthly fee for the POTCO online game is however a surprise for many. With just $4.95, you can access the basic game. You will only need to add $9.95 per month for 24/7 access. Better still. A 6 month 24/7 access with pimped up features would only cost you about $79. 

With all these features, Pirates online is simply the best online game today. It can keep you engaged on computer screen for hours. Welcome to the world of fun!

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