The online video gaming industry

The gaming industry has been operating on an end user ownership policy, where the end user purchases the game software in either a download or a disk drive and plays the game on a video console or ones PC. With the challenges of privacy and the need to have a network of game player there was the need to develop the online video gaming industry.
There are several methods of gaming online, dependent on the structure and development of the game. There are games that are goal oriented and are single player modes, the games depend on the game structure and have set different goals and challenges that one has to overcome or achieve for one to prosper in the game. The games can be arcade, adventure, action, mind or strategy games, depending on the game developers.
The other option of the online video games offered by the online video gaming industry is the networking or multiple payer games. These are games that are developed in such a way that one can invite several gamers online to join in the gaming quest. The games depend on the developers design and structure of the game; some of the games are based on a limited number of players while others do not have a limit on the number of players. These games can be interactive and player controlled while others have the game developer set a given set of challenges for the players to achieve.
The games online are provided by the game developers of the online video gaming industry as either free or charged. The free online games are usually less in terms of quality than the charged games; they also do not have saving options on the gaming experience. The charged games are more complicated and have better quality and can be used in betting too with several casinos offering the games online.

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