Michael Jackson The Experience Kinect Game Review

The Michael Jackson experience is a video game based on the musical career of the late pop icon Michael Jackson. The video game was licensed by a company called Triumph International. It is developed by the video game company Ubisoft and is also published by them. The first ever release of the game was in November 2010. It was first released to be played on the Wii, Playstation Portable as well as the Nintendo DS.

There is also the Kinect version of Michael Jackson the Experience. This version incorporates full body tracking for a more enhanced experience when playing the game. Its choreography also differs from the type of choreography that is used in the Wii version. With the Kinect game, there is the Player Projection technology. This has proved quite popular as it enables the player to upload their own image into the game. This gives the feeling that one is making an appearance in the pop icon’s video. When it comes to the Kinect game of Michael Jackson The Experience, the player has the option of two game modes. These two modes are solo and co-op. The solo mode is self explanatory. It only allows one gamer to play at a time. The co-op version is more versatile. With the co-op mode you can have two to four players at a time. There are a host of other options when it comes to the co-op mode. One of these is the battle mode. When playing in battle mode, the players can choose to either form a team and play together or to form teams and play against each other. Although most songs are characterized by dance moves in the game mode, there are a number that are meant for a “singing only” option. These ones can be played by employing the use of the in-built microphone or by using a headset.


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