Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars the Old Republic is an up and coming game from the creators of the other modern games of the franchise. However, this one will not be a single layer experience any more, it will be the largest and one of the only Star Wars Massive Multiplayer Games in the world. In fact, by the time they release it somewhere in the second half of the year, it will be the only Star Wars game of this kind.

The story is based in the fictional universe of Star Wars right after the peace agreement between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. This takes place over 3500 years before the events in the movie, so if you are a diehard fan of the franchise this might be right u your alley. In fact, the producers have stated that the Starwars the old republic game isn’t directed towards hardcore gamers alone, but also towards the fans of the movies as well.

You will be able to play as one of several species, including some of the most famous ones that the fans will certainly enjoy. Humans are the only species that can choose any class they want, the other species are limited to only some of the available classes. This comes to embrace the actual characters in the movies, as some species were mostly warriors alone.

The fans have actually identified a problem in the development already in that it is BioWare’s first MMO game. This in its’ own should not be a problem, but fans of this type of game know that a developer that is new to a style of game will need more time than others to produce a good enough experience. The fear isn’t that the game will not be good enough, it is in the fact that after release it will require several patches before it becomes all that the producers want it to be. This means actually waiting for at least a couple of months until all problems are solved by these patches for starwars the old republic online game.

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