Nick com Nicktropolis Virtual World

nicktropolisNickelodeon launched Nicktropolis in 2007, it's a multimedia site which offer games, video and social interaction in a virtual communitie. Nickelodeon’s virtual world is reachable through or, the website offers to kids a whole range of virtual activities like making their own avatar, play with TV series characters, chat room, games and more. Nicktropolis is really popular, according to ComScore Media Metrix had almost 30 million unique visitors last january. This Virtual World is actually a collection of 3D Rooms, each one proposing a space for chatting with the other members present on the room, of mini games enabling kids to gain NickPoints or the possibility of discovering of NickPoints Blob of various colors and various values. Some rooms will enable you to build clips, listen to music, to play video games, etc... The Nicktropolis world is one of an ever-expanding list of virtual spaces targeted at children that include, Whyville, and Club Penguin.

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Anonymous said...

I love so much Nicktropolis ! Just great!

Anonymous said...

I can;t login to what's going on !

Anonymous said...

Nicktropolis Virtual world is just amazing love you