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Avatar: Legends of the Arena - Nick.com/avatarlegends - Like always Nickelodeon has been a spill off in every other kids channel by introducing its very own Asian myth that was once only known to the Japanese. It was the legendary 112 year old Aang with the body of a 12 year old which has been given refuge in an ice cap in the North Pole. The character is known to be Aang, the Avatar and the last air bender who would eventually manage to master all the 4 elements, including fire, water, earth and air (an area he still needs more practice on).

The time has come for Aang to not only train himself to be mighty and powerful enough to stop the furious fire nation from destroying and taking over the world. But in the game the story is completely different. It’s how fans would understand what being in the game really means. Avatar the last Airbender games: The amazing multiplayer game that has sprung its attention to most of the kids and many adults, actually participating in a world where some choose to bend air and others water, fire and earth would be just wonderful.

The game which had come a year ago, in the midst of September, features on Nickelodeon’s own website. Anyone can simply visit the site and download the game which is approximately 45MB. Once you start the game you create your own character using different clothing, facial expressions and clothes to choose from. Choose the element you wish to master your skills at including obviously water, fire, air and earth. You even choose your own skill where you would eventually master it and grow your potential to do things as in the Avatar’s world. You can even add on your skills by shopping online with the gold and points that you earn by playing multi player games with others.

In offline mode every player gets to play several levels where he not only enjoys living the adventures of the expert bending world but develops his strengths in several obstacles before he is set for the big battle. The most interesting and most appealing part of the game was its ability to go online and use its bending moves in an online arena that is fit for four people, no matter from what part of the world they come from. You can win or get defeated for which you would definitely have to come back and fight again. Those who win or do certain moves while playing online get a lot of gold and points which could be used to shop online for mystical powers and level ups without much training.

Avatar: Legends of the Arena, the game at www.nick.com/avatarlegends is set and the arena is burning with thousands of players waiting to get a combat with each other and win their glorious booties. This is one mouth watering game that you would not forget even after years of playing, so get down on its official site and enter the mystical, magical, furious yet colorful arena where your opponents want you to take them down.

Update - James Cameron will be producing later on the Avatar Legends of the Arena Movie. The teaser is already online but the Avatar Movie just come out next year. That will be awesome! Avatar Legends. www.nick.com/avatarlegends

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Avatar Legends of the Arena at Nick.com/avatarlegends that's an awesome online game It's great!