FusionFall.com Cartoon Network Online Game

fusionfallFusion Fall at fusionfall.com will make evolve your kids within a Virtual Cartoon World straight drawn from Cartoon Network Universe Channel TV.  Fusionfall.com is a massive multiplayer online game created by cartoon network in order to provide the next level of entertainment for youngsters. Though there are many massive multiplayer online games available over the Internet it is very important that they carry forward the enthusiasm and maintain the tempo in order to keep the users stick to the game and also at the same time increase the reputation in the market so as to capture increasing market. Cartoon network forayed into massive multiplayer online game in the form of FusionFall using Unity engine as technology bases.

This particular mass a multiplayer game contains all the elements which are necessary for a user to stay focused and carry on the game. The important factor in this game is to complete missions which are provided according to every level the user climbs up. The first thing the user will have to carry out is the process of creating a self customized avatar which enables them to maintain the same throughout the game or even change according to new levels as the game passes by. When a particular mission is completed, experience points are provided to the user which keeps on increasing making the user go to the next level of the game. During the starting of the game the user is guided by the Dexter’s computer or computress.

If you really enjoy multiplayer game which will provide you complete entertainment and excitement than it is time that you look out for FusionFall game. All you have to do is visit the FusionFall.com website where you're required to register yourself as a member. When your registration is complete you can then login with your ID and create your avatar to enter the game where you will be provided with missions to complete.

Hold on, I had forgotten to say that Cartoon Network is a TV Channel but I think every parents knows that. In this Online Games, kids will find their favorite cartoon characters drawn from their favorite animated TV series: Scoobidoo, Dexter, Ben 10, Transformers, and others. This Online game will take again the codes of the MMORPG for adults Online Games: objects and inventories, missions, teams, searches, etc

For those which do not know what is a MMORPG well it stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and it is about a online game which is played connected to Internet, in which the player is a character who evolves in a virtual world which continues to evolve even if you leave the play, within in which evolve other characters like you (real people) as well as virtual characters played by computers or animators. Fusion Fall Online Virtual World is Currently in beta testing. But will open soon for a larger audience.


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