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Nick-Junior-GamesNick Junior Games - Free games to play online. The games at www nickjr com are great for kids. They are good for children between the ages two to six. There are so many different types of games and even many videos. If you are interested in playing games with your children, the Nick jr games online is the place to be. The games at nick jr will not only allow your kids to have fun but it also is educational. Now, what more would you ask of a game! Your kids will be able to solve online puzzles and learn a lot.

Yo Gabba, Gabba is one the fun free games to play online at It helps the kids to learn about color. It allows them to make various scenery and stick the appropriate pictures. Bob the builder is another fun game which helps the kids learn teamwork. It teaches them problem solving methods and achieving a goal by working together.

The classic games are Dora’s Animal Games (www dora com), Classic Car games and Windowsill Gardening. “Dora saves the mermaid” is an art and craft game where the parent and child together can participate in the games and it will also be a good way to bond with your child. There are four parts in the game. They are cut out Crown, cut out neck lace, counting puzzle and song sheet.

Nick jr’s Wonder pets is a very colorful and pretty game. It teaches the kids about the Indian traditional wear and the Indian musical instrument. Kids will love it. “Rory the racing car” is a racing game which can be played at www nick jr com. There are 3 parts in this game; they are: Race with Roary, Matching Pairs and Pit Stop Panic. There is a free trial period for Dora’s world Adventure which is worth trying because its activities suit the preschoolers' learning style.

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