Avatar Movie - The Cast - Trailer HD

Sam Worthington acts as Jake Scully in the much awaited movie ‘Avatar’. Zoe Saldana is playing the character of Neytiri, the princess of the Na’vi tribe. Neytiri is attracted to Jake because of his braveness and charm. However, Jake comes from Earth to fight the Na’vi tribe. The tribe resides on a moon named Pandora and humans go to Pandora to fight its residents.

Matt Gerald is going to be acting as Corporal Lyle Wainfleet. He is the second – most prominent villain. The first is Quaritch. Other actors who are also in the film are Laz Alonso, Peter Mensah and Wes Studio. The cast of the movie consists of perfectionists and great actors.

James Horner is the music director for the movie. This is his third partnership with James Cameron. The first two films he directed the music for with James Cameron are the Alien and the Titanic. Some of the movies that the main character Jake Scully acted in are Jag, Water Rats, Bootman, Blue Heelers, Master of Life, Harts War, Dirty Deeds, Getting’ Square, Thunderstruck, Somersault, Blue Poles, Love My way and The Great Raid.

Zoe Saldin who is acting as Neytiri, has also acted in a lot of movies, such as the Center Stage, Snipes, Get over it, Drumline, Crossroads, Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl, Temptation, Haven and the Terminator. Zoe Saldin has many awards and nominations to her name. Some of them are the Alma Awards for the Best Actress for the film Star Trek. She was nominated for this award in the year 2009. She also was nominated for the Black Movie Awards for outstanding performance by actress in a supporting Role for the movie Guess Who.

In the movie, Avatar, Sigourney Weaver acts as Dr. Grace Augustine. She is best known for her roles as Lt. Ellen Ripley in the movie the Aliens and as Dana Barrett in the movie Ghostbusters. She is a three – time Academy Award nominee. She obtained this for her performance in the Aliens, Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl. Michelle Rodriguez acts as Trudy Chacon in the movie Avatar. She has been in other movies such as Girlfight, The fast and the Furious, # A.M., Blue Crush, Resident Evil, S.W.A.T., Control, BloodRayne, The Breed and many more.

Stephen Lang is another character in the movie. He plays the role of the villain, Col. Quaritch. He has acted in other movies like the Proposal, Code 11 – 14, Fire down Below and many more.

Avatar 2009 Film release date is on December 18, 2009 worldwide.

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Greg Delaney said...

Avatar looks looks flawless except for one thing -- Michelle Rodriguez! She threatens to be the JarJar Binks of this movie

hanum said...

great movie.. great technology used..