The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle Xbox 360

The Beatles: Rock Band Premium Bundle Xbox 360 is extremely fun and an incredible experience. This little wonder gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificent history of the Beatles through their best songs and their most beautiful creations. Sing or play guitar, bass and the drums in order to get trough the extraordinary musical catalog of the most popular and to live their legendary career. In addition, The Beatles: Rock Band offers you in this limited edition new controllers inspired by instruments played by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles: Rock Band will be compatible with all the controllers of RockBand, with the majority of the controllers of Guitar Hero and with other instruments and microphones of other manufacturers. Also discover a new range of instruments in this limited edition, genuine replicas of instruments popularized by Beatles. Definitively a lot and amusing pleasure with this Special Edition of The Beatles RockBand Premium Bundle xBox 360

Product Features

Xbox 360 | Edition: Limited Edition Premium Bundle
  • A variety of gameplay environments pulled from the Beatles career, including Cavern Club, Abbey Road and Shea Stadium.
  • Includes: "The Beatles: Rock Band" software for Xbox 360, H√∂fner bass controller, The Beatles branded Rock Band drums, microphone, microphone stand, and special content.
  • A song list of more than 40 Beatles hits, as well as additional DLC to follow via Xbox LIVE.
  • The first music game to offer harmonies as part of gameplay, challenging players to recreate The Beatles’ vocal blend.
  • Works with all Rock Band and most Guitar Hero controllers and microphones.

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