XBox Kinect Bundle - Xbox 360 slim and Kinect

Yet another one from Microsoft and although the price is yet to be confirmed,  but retailers are already going berserk over it, wanting to let it into the market immediately. Living up to the company’s name of producing only the best family friendly consoles, this Xbox Kinect ( is a bundle that contains the Xbox 360 slim and Kinect.

It is the final packaging of the family game that Microsoft is expected to name price for very soon. This package lists the number of games that this console holds but it does not show the prices of the games, again sending people in to making rife speculations. Although the rumors easy that this is the final packaging, it is yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.

Although this is no game for sure, it is still a great piece of art that families might still want to have in their possession considering that it is a consumer friendly console. But because it is not released into the market officially as of now, there is still a chance that a lot could be changed about because going for $100 while there is no game except the box of art might be a turn off for most families and Microsoft knows this too well.

If you have an aesthetic side, you will find this Xbox exciting, and good. If you love purple color, then this is your game too, if it can be called a game. There is still a lot of doubt about the Xbox Kinect because Microsoft has chosen to keep mum over the rumors doing rounds that this is the final thing.

It beats reason why a family would go out to buy a fancy colored box that has no game, only to get the kinect games separately for another additional cost. controller-free gaming........... will see

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