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The nicktropolis website is an online game that is contained in the web pages. The game is basically about role-palying and it targets children of all ages. The nicktropolis website is also known as NT, nicktrop ot Ntrop. The website has a long history that dates back to the year 2004 in the month of November. This is when the idea about the website was conceived, but the site was actually launched in the year 2007. In between the years, the game underwent a lot of reviews, criticism and challenges as well, but today, it is popularly known and liked by many.

It has an audience of over 8 million viewers and players. The nicktropolis website has a very popular game which is divided into four main parts. The first one is the Teenick, which is an area that contains many rooms which carry the Teenick theme. There is the downtown, which is the main part of the game and is characterized by stores. The pier, which contains a boardwalk style game, is the third part of the nicktropolis website, and the nicktoons Boulevard is the fourth part, containing rooms that carry the nicktoon themes.

In addition to the four parts, the nicktropolis website has an advertising area known as the plaza, and this is where you will find ads for Fruit by the foot, iDog and others. As a reward to the winning party, the game awards its own form of currency known as nickpoints. To obtain them, one ‘walks’ to the floating blobs that are worth a given number of nickpoints. The rewards can be used to buy items like clothes and decorations from the downtown portion of the game and which contains the stores.

If you are a parent who wishes to create an account for your child on the nicktropolis website, or if you a child who is old enough to follow through the steps, they are as outlined and do not require a lot of effort. Go to the website home page, which is Click on the ‘need a nickname’ option, which is either on the left side of the screen, or jut below the password box. When you click on the ‘need a nickname’ option, a new page will open, which has a form that you need to fill out. Once trough with the details, click ‘continue’ and if you filled out everything correctly, you are ready to log in to Type in your username and password and there you are ready to enjoy all the fun in the nictropolis website!

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