www.cartoonnetwork.com/win - Hasbro Transformers Global Alliance Sweepstakes

www.Cartoonnetwork.com/win - Hasbro Transformers Global Alliance Sweepstakes. This is the official address of Cartoon Network Promo Web page where you will find an interesting sweepstakes this month. Indeed, it's the HASBRO TRANSFORMERS N.E.S.T. GLOBAL ALLIANCE Sweepstakes where if you register by following the instructions at Cartoonnetwork.com-win and completing the online form you will be eligible for a chance to win one Transformers N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Battle Pack from Hasbro (AVR - $19.99). Hurry up! Sweepstakes ends on April 4, 2010. See Cartoon Network Promo website for the official sweepstakes rules. Kids! Don't forget to bookmark this Cartoon Network URL, because they regularly have great promotion sweepstakes contests with some fantastic prizes. Important! Participants should get parental permission before participating.

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