New Xbox360 Games

There are quite a number of companies offering play games in the modern world. All these companies are aimed at providing the best games that will give you the fun you need. New xbox360 games - The Xbox 360 is a series of games that have been launched in the gaming world. Some of these games have really proved to be hilarious to play. They are fit for family playing. This is a good way of spending the leisure time. Before you venture into the market to purchase, it is good to know some of the best rated Xbox 360 games. This will ensure you get something that will give you the fun you need.

Batman Arkham city is one of the top rated Xbox game that is selling like a hot cake in the market. This is a game video that is fit for people who like adventurous. It is designed in the Arkham city where the main character-Batman has some extra ordinary powers. He is able to climb walls and bounce bullets. It is a game you can’t miss to enable your family enjoy the adventure.
Another top rated Xbox 360 games is the Dragon age II. This is a game that was launched in the year 2009 and has really provided people with the fun they needed.

New xbox360 games - Portals 2 is a shoot puzzle video game which is meant to cause ripples in the gaming industry. This is a video game of its kind. It is a game that will test the player’s ability to give solutions to puzzles using a portal gun.

Bullet Storm as the name suggests is another Xbox game that involves shooting. It involves a person who wants to fight with the employer by shooting him. He is on a revenge mission because he had been exiled to a different planet.

Other new xbox360 games are Gears of War 3, dead space 2 and mass effect 3. All this are new xbox360 games that will be enjoyable to play.

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