Nintendo Wii Goldeneyes Game

The Wii Goldeneyes are a series of one shooter video games that have been developed by Rare for Nintendo. The series has been based on the James Bond movies and the games have adequately been named after the movies. For example, there is the Goldeneyes 007 which is a person shooter video game that was also developed by Rare.

It received overwhelming market reception when it was released and so far, it has sold more than 8 million copies. Due to this wide reception, this game is being remade for release later in the year 2010.

The players still hope to see the incorporation of stealth and spying in the one man missions. According to the name of the video game consoles, they have been named after the James Bond movie made in 1995 and named the GoldenEye

After the release of the GoldenEyes 007, there was another GoldenEyes game release of the ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ fame. However, it is the GoldenEyes series that has given the need for a remake of the 007. The game is easy to learn and to play too. It starts easy and progresses through twenty missions which continue becoming more complex as you progress.

Should you want to play the previous completed versions of the game, you are allowed to. The features of the game are adjustable to different levels of settings and speed and therefore you can customize the game to be a little easy or a little bit more challenging just as you wish.

Everything about this game is identifiable with the James Bond Movie elements, from the stealth element to the weapons but with adjusted precision for the fire arms and slight alterations to their names. The Wii Goldeneyes series of games are a must have games for you and the family and you will play them for a long time to come.

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