What is nanovor.com?

There are not many people who understand what is nanovor.com? In order to understand nanovor, it is important to look at the basics. In simple terms, it can be defined as an online game that even stretches into the real life. It is a card game from Tinker and Smith. The good news is that it is free to try this card game. You can also receive nanovor cards. The game has a major goal that you should achieve while playing. Its goal is collection of different creatures so that you can build a deck, lingo or swarm. 

Upon creating a swarm, you are supposed to use it to participate in battles. Since there is nothing that is free in this world even at nanovor.com, you have to spend cash. There is money known as nanocash that is used while playing this game. You are supposed to use money to get creatures that are not included in the free starting pack. The good news is that you can evolve characters without spending cash. You can evolve them by using the points that you have earned from successful games. You should use the points to buy energy modulator that is used in the evolving process. 

Exactly what is www.nanovor.com? From the explanations in the article, nanovor is a complex game. Nanoscope is something that makes this game different from other digital online games. Nanoscope is an electronic device which allows the transition of the online game to reality and vice versa. The game is easily understood by both the kids and adults. These electronic devices can be connected to USB cable which makes them to be connected to a computer. When you connect the cable to a computer, you can load it with the stats and the creatures. Nanoscope is portable and can be carried to your desired location. 

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