New Online Game for Kids

playminimatchCartoon Network New Online Game for Kids goes by the name of Mini Match at Mini Match is a energetic online game where you can make your own character and explore a fantastic microscopic world. They will find lots of action and adventure. Players will have the chance to challenge other players in a friendly head-to-head 3D multiplayer games, and earn credits to buy new gear and customize their character. Mini Match is also an interactive community where kids can hang out, chat and socialise in a kid-friendly environment. It's kind of similar to Club Penguin from Disney Games. Kids Games Players can jump right into Mini Match, create their own character and start playing games without registering! But they register, they'll be able to save the credits they earn during the game. Good Safety features for kids with Mini Marshal who is the name they use for the moderators-staff members who help run Mini Match and assist any players in need.,,, cartoon network minimatch, minimatch .com, minimatch. com, play mini match, mini, play, Toon Disney com

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Anonymous said...

This Online Game is awesome. I love to play at

Anonymous said...

I love those Online 3D Multiplayer Games!