Pirates of the Caribbean Online Game

Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_Online_GamePirates of the Caribbean Online Game - piratesonline.go.com Ever wanted to be a pirate. Well I did. You know sailing the seas, hunting treasures and fighting bad pirates. I would probably been like the infamous Pirate character of the movie and set sail on the vast blue sea waters of the Caribbean in search of adventures, fortunes and fame. Well Disney has launch last fall their new computer multiplayer game call Pirate of the Caribbean Online game It's a MMORPG who Stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Taking into account the target of their films, Disney rather intends this online game server to reach a whole family public. The interface is appropriate for a greatest number whereas the material requirements are weak. We should not expecting great graphic qualities whereas the style adopted by the developers is resolutely kind of cartoon as you can realize it. Lastly, the main goal of this online game, It's to become the most famous or infamous pirates of the Caribbean: It is question of engagements to the sword, card games in taverns and naval battles. www.piratesonline.go.com

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