Can't connect to xbox live - It's Down again

Can't connect to xbox live It's Down again. Someday you find yourself wondering what did I do wrong to have such a bad day. First this morning in the middle of main street my car broke down for no reason, towing and fixing. Then I arrive 20 minutes late at an important appointment and lost my sale. What a day! Anyway tonight I was in the mood of playing Halo 3 on my Xbox360 kind of evacuate all the frustration of this bad journey. But when I tried to sign up on XboxLive it was down Damn it! What an ugly day! So I went to nothing there, then to nothing either what the @#$%^:( The world is against me... I can get on the internet but when i try to get on xbox live it wont let me. Ive tried restarting my modem nothing I'm desperate, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow night  maybe or maybe not Masterchief.

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