- Online Game - Clone Wars Cartoon Network Online Game. Cartoon Network is always ready to give it’s fan the most thrilling experience of their life by offering them Star War games. Children of all age groups are the real Cartoon Network fans who just about sacrifice things just to play their favorite video game. Plating the Star War and the clone War you can get the thrilling experience by being apart of this game at and children get so immersed in these video games that there simply is nothing that can distract their attention from their favorite game.

In this series the children can go on a galactic adventure o the clones and be a part of the game and players can easily fight ashier Jedi and clone troopers. This game has a brand new storyline that takes you on a mission to destroy the mysterious assassin’s destructive plot that is out to destroy almost anything that comes in its path. This game can be played easily by two players and their combine efforts can help rescue the Galaxy from dangerous multi faceted assassins. You can play as your favorite heroes and rescue the Galaxy from being destructed by such evil forces. Fight your way and pave a path through dangerous territory and perform using your force powers and pave your way through dangerous routes leaping round and making way .You can easily use your enemies as weapons and destroy other dangerous assassins against them. You have all the power at your finger tips to blast away all your enemies with a quick click.

These games give the youngsters the chance to play the part of their favorite hero and take charge as commander in chief and give orders around satisfying their inner urges to participate at the frontline fighting their enemies and defending the world from devastation. You also get the chance to use rocket launchers and they just start triggering the moment you push a button. This keeps you satisfied and makes you feel a part of the game in which you have all the power in your finger tips and you can even unleash devastations with thermal detonators and fight with all your power. The Captain is there to help you get bonuses and is also in charge of giving you reward and points that give you the option of getting different bonuses. This way you can upgrade your character and bet your reward bonuses. This is the first time that the young players get a chance to fight as their favorite Jedi and clone troopers and be part of the life like game that fills you with real excitement. The action of the game is every intense and the players just forget that it sure is a virtual war and they get excited as if everything has turned real.

This is just like any other arcade game and you can kill and fight your enemies before you actually get slain yourself. The controls of the game are different in each vehicle and the players even get a chance to drive their dream vehicle and do all sorts of stunts that are really unthinkable in real life. The good thing about these games is that the player becomes a part of his fantasies for the brief moment when he plays the game and he can virtually do anything that is truly not possible in real life as at times these game sure give youngsters a chance to master all the tricks and enjoy to their heartiest satisfaction. Don't miss the new Season this Fall... -

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