- The Internet movie renting service

In simple terms, what is Netflix can be defined as movie renting service ( that is carried out through the internet. The subscription fee for the blu-ray disc and DVD is constant. The delivery of the discs is done by mailing them to the subscribers. The mailing is done using prepaid envelope. The envelope has postage and a return mailer. The requirement of this operation is that you must return a movie so that you can receive another one. The good news is that there are no charges for late delivery of the discs. There are different levels of subscription. There are some levels that will allow you to have three discs at the same time. The subscription fee for this operation ranges from 5 dollars to 20 dollars.

Netflix does not only provide the disc rental services only but also other services. Another service that is provided by Netflix is internet TV streaming. This is a good service that is effective at saving time. In this method, you do not have to wait for the disc to be mailed. This service allows you to watch high quality DVD picture on your television screen. The good news about this service is that it is free. The movies can be streamed in to a personal computer. You do not have a limitation on the number of movies that you can stream.

Netflix is associated with over 100, 000 movies. It also has television documentaries, anime and series. Upon subscribing to Netflix, you can make a list of your preferred movies. Depending on your subscription, Netflix will mail the first movies in your list. When you have returned the movies, others will be mailed to you. It is possible for your subscription account to have many lists and profile. The delivery of the discs is done within the shortest duration possible. Moreover for xBox 360 game fans, Microsoft  is partner with Netflix on Xbox Live.

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